Monday, March 2, 2015

No more water!

There is almost no more water for some brazilians. The city I used to live, Sao Paulo, doesn`t have water anymore. We only have 15% of what we used to have, and this affects electricity too because water was the main resource to generate electricity. The picture below shows how the situation is.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The truth about Venezuela

Venezuela have turned into a dictatorship, where there are two sides, the opposition and those in favor of the government. The whole country was affected, from economy to its diplomacy. The riots there have become really intense too, killing may people already.

Prepare yourself America!

Isis is an islamic terrorist who has been threatening the United States. America has been put in warning to be more careful, for example, all the trips we residentials students had to the malls were cancelled to due threats made by Isis. In my opinion, all this have to stop, but there is a long road until this issue is solved.

The truck shutdown

The past week has been really hard for some cities in Brazil. Truck drivers stopped driving their trucks and delivering supplies to cities, causing a huge problem. The truck drivers took this action based on their salaries and how they are viewed socially, now that this happened, we know that they have a huge importance socially.